Experience the Journey of Anutai Wagh

March 17, 1910

Anutai Wagh born on March 17, 1910. She was married at the age of 13 and became a child widow 6 months later and returned to her parents' home


While teaching at Pune's Hujurpaga High School, she joined a Night School and passed her matriculation in 1937.


In 1950, she graduated from the S.N.D.T. Women's University.


Anutai met the Smt. Tarabai Modak at  training camp for women village workers organized by Kasturba Memorial Trust at Borivli (Bombay). Then  Tarabai was planning to start an experimental pre-primary school at Bordi, and she asked Anutai if she would join the proposed school. Started Gram Bal Shiksha Kendra along with Smt Tarabai Modak


Gram Bal Shiksha Kendra was moved to Kosbad Hill.


Anutai was also the President of “Thane District Stree Shakti Jagruti Samiti”


Anutai Wagh started a school for the Dumb and Deaf poor children.


Anutai started another monthly titled “Savitri” under the auspices of Stree Shakti Jagriti Samitee


"Gram-Mangal" project, at Dabhon, with the concept of Free School - aimed at overall development of children with no fixed curriculum and yet designed to make them economically self sufficient.

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