Publication House

Books published by the Institute from time to time

Gram Bal Shiksha Kendra publishing house has published various books. There are many books written by residents including Tarabai Modak and Anutai Wagh. Some of the published books are as follows.

आमच्या प्रार्थना

Prayers we Sing

बाल गीते, कृती गीते, सकस आहार गीते

Children’s songs, Action songs, Songs about healthy eating 

By Anutai Wagh

Books By Tarabai Modak

Poor Children – [Marathi]

Children’s Stubbornness – [Marathi]

Our House – [Marathi]

Smriti Granth – Collection of various articles on Tarabai


Books By Anutai Wagh

How To Run Kindergarten – [Marathi]

Chatting Lyrics – [Marathi]

Action Lyrics – [Marathi]

Kindergarten Things Part-1  [Marathi]

Kindergarten Things Part-2  [Marathi]

Our Prayers – [Marathi]

Books Written By Others

Child Education Thoughts – A collection of articles on Child Education by various authors.

Let’s have fun – Sindhu Tai Ambike

Parable – Kalpana Tai Kshirsagar

Savangadi – Kalpana Tai Kshirsagar

Residence at Kosbad – Chitra Naik


Shikshan Patrika

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