Pre Primary School- Balwadi

Tarabai Modak’s Balwadi stood out for its child-centric philosophy, embracing a holistic approach that recognized the multifaceted nature of a child’s growth and development. This approach has had a lasting influence on early childhood education practices, inspiring educators to consider the whole child – their intellectual, emotional, physical, and ethical dimensions – in their teaching methodologies.

Making learning a happy space

Each kindergarten has one trained teacher and two assistants. The number of assistants depends on the number of children in the kindergarten. All children are provided nutritious food at midday.

Most of the educational materials used in kindergartens are made using materials and objects available in the area.

There were 12 Balwadis or Kindergartens run by Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh (NBSS), on padas (small hutments) in Kosbad area. Each of these Balwadi has about 40 students. The ‘Kendra Balwadi’ run at Kosbad is run as an ‘Adarsh Balwadi’ – Model Pre primary School.

There are currently 6 Balwadis – namely, Kendra Balwadi, Dalvi Pada, Chimbawe Pada, Dongri Pada, Khed Pada and Dahanu Patel Pada (English Balwadi).

These Balwadis do not receive any aid  from the government and all expenses are borne by the Trust – Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh.

A Little Bit of History

In November 1945, the first Balwadi was started in Bordi in a Harijan settlement.

Tarabai started the experiment of ‘Angan-Balwadi’ alongwith Anutai, for children who could not come all the way to the Kosbad Balwadi. The first Angan Balwadi  was started in December 1945 by collecting the children in their own front yards. This ‘Angan-Baalwadi’ is now termed – Anganwadi.

The first Anganwadi was started in a tribal settlement situated in a corner of Bordi’s brackish lake. Anutai would run the Balwadi and named the settlement ‘Halpati Niwas’ and the Balwadi as ‘Kamal Balwadi’ or ‘Kamalwadi’.

In 1948, the Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh was running a total of five Balwadis, four in Manglewada, Zhai, Tangewale, Kumbhar areas and one main at Bordi for 3 years.

In 7 years from 1949 to 1953, 15 Anganwadis were functioning fully. And soon Balwadis were started at Narlipada, Dalvipada, Mankarpada and Lilakpada.

In 1950, a branch ‘Kiran Balwadi’ was also started at Gholwad by the NBSS with the cooperation of local people.

December 1961 Creches were also started.

By October 1972, 8 Balwadis of Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh were being operated around Pune city, covering areas like Kothrud, Mahila Sevagram, Karvenagar, Khadakwasla, Hadapsar, Pashan, Swargate, Adarsh Balak Mandir Primary School.

In 1975, 30 Balwadis were started in the area of Kosbad through various small organizations. There was no financial or direct management of NBSS, but guidance was provided by the organization.

By 1999, 9 Balwadis and 4 Creches were started by NBSS.

Transform a Life

With your help and so many others who have already made donations, we can provide access to education to the truly disadvantaged tribal children.