We are committed to providing a holistic and nurturing environment that fosters not only academic growth but also the development of essential life skills, moral values, and a sense of community responsibility.

Our aim is to empower the youth of tomorrow with the knowledge and values necessary to make a positive impact on their immediate socio-economical environment, and to create a future where every child has access to quality education.

Our Vision & Mission

At Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh, we are dedicated to carrying forward the visionary work of our founders, Padmabhushan Tarabai Modak and Padmashri Anutai Wagh, by prioritizing excellence in pre-primary and primary education.

Our fundamental goal is to make pre-primary and primary education student-friendly, simple to grasp, utilizing educational aids, that are familiar to the pupils, much like the two stalwarts envisioned.

Our mission is to nurture the potential of young minds, laying a strong foundation for their lifelong learning journey.

With unwavering dedication, we strive to ensure that every child’s early educational experiences are filled with joy, curiosity, and the promise of a bright and promising future


Challenges Ahead

We are driven by a vision that extends beyond the boundaries of our immediate educational services. In line with our commitment to quality education, Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh is embarking on a significant endeavor – the establishment of a dedicated center at Kosbad. This center will serve as a hub for learning and research in education, fostering the development and dissemination of innovative and progressive ideas within the field.

Our objectives for this center are threefold:

To Make Kosbad the Leading Place of Pre-School Education: We aspire to transform Kosbad into a beacon of excellence in pre-school education. By setting new standards for curriculum, teaching methodologies, and facilities, we aim to not only provide top-tier education but also to serve as a model for other educational institutions seeking to enhance their pre-school offerings. Through a holistic and child-centric approach, we endeavor to make Kosbad synonymous with exceptional early childhood education.

To Make it Globalized and Modern Without Taking Away its Down-to-Earth Approach: While we aim for global standards, we also recognize the importance of preserving the local and community-oriented essence of Kosbad. We seek to marry the best practices from around the world with the local culture and values, creating an education system that is both cosmopolitan and rooted in its down-to-earth charm. The center will be a testament to our commitment to globalized education that remains deeply connected to its cultural and community roots.

To Develop it into an International Research Center for Child Education: Beyond educational excellence, the center will be a hub for cutting-edge research in child education. We envision it as an international research center where scholars and educators from across the globe can collaborate, explore new frontiers in pedagogy, and publish their findings. The research conducted at the center will not only influence educational practices locally but will also make a mark on the global stage, contributing to the advancement of child education worldwide.

Our Objectives

Global Outreach

Explore opportunities for international collaborations and partnerships to bring global perspectives and best practices to our educational programs.

Infrastructure and Technology

Invest in modern infrastructure and technology to create a conducive learning environment. This includes well-equipped classrooms, libraries, and access to digital learning resources.

Research and Development

Allocate resources to educational research and development to stay at the forefront of innovative educational practices, and share their findings with the broader education community.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaborate with other educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies to leverage resources, knowledge, and expertise to advance their mission. 

Transform a Life

With your help and so many others who have already made donations, we can provide access to education to the truly disadvantaged tribal children.