Experience the Journey of Tarabai Modak


Tarabai founded the Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh, a concept that later gained prominence in Maharashtra.


Following Gijubhai's passing, Tarabai assumed leadership of the Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh for the ensuing 12 years.


Tarabai established aGram Bal Shiksha Kendra in Bordi (Thane District). This center marked the inception of Gramin Balwadi and Gram Bal Adhyapan Mandir, initiatives that eventually led to the establishment of Kindergartens in tribal areas.


  • Tarabai's innovation led her to establish Shishu Vihar, an institution dedicated to promoting child education, in the Hindu Colony, Dadar, Mumbai.
  • This institution also introduced Pre-Primary Teachers Training , training over a thousand teachers in both Marathi and Gujarati languages.


She visited Europe in 1949 to attend the Montessori conference held in Italy and to observe pre-primary institutions in the European countries.

1946 -1952

From 1946 to 1952 she was a member of the Bombay Legislative Assembly.

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