Anutai Wagh

This activity is run along with the balwadi. Many times the older child has to stay at home to look after the younger siblings and hence cannot attend the balwadi. To help them concentrate on studies, creches are earn for the younger syblings.Palanaghar

The creche or Palanaghar (पाळणाघर) along with the balwadi solves there problem.

Children from the age of 6 months to 2 and half years are admitted to the Palnaghar.

Care is duly taken of the tiny tots and their special needs are looked after.

Each Balwadi/Palnaghar has one trained teacher and one or two helpers depending on the number of children attending.

Each child is given nutritious mid-day meal.

They have cozy cradles and versions of local cradles called zoli are tied for the babies, who spend most of the time sleeping comfortably in the snug zoli and the cradle.

Baby food is given to them

There is 1 caretaker for every 10 children along with 1 helper.

These too are run by the generous help of donors..

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